Will customers love your business idea? Let’s discover!

Will customers love your business idea? Let’s discover!

Do you have a business idea? Start here!

Airdrie Entrepreneur Common has partnered with Platform Calgary to deliver their successful Discover program. Discover supports entrepreneurs to build a viable business solution people love and are willing to pay for. Customer discovery is an essential first (and ongoing) step in creating a new product, service or business.

Over four sessions, you will test your business idea by determining who your customers are, how big and compelling their problems are, whether it’s worth the time and money to build the business and to craft a series of tests so you know what to build, when to build it and why it matters to customers.

Looking for more help with your business idea? A great next step is our SMARTstart entrepreneurial training program.


The Discover program takes place over four sessions April 20 – June 1, 2023. Each session takes place from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

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Who should participate?

  • People with an idea for a business or looking to scale your existing offerings
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses with products and services from any industry
  • Those willing to ‘do the work’ between sessions, getting out and talking with potential customers

What participants are saying

“This course was extremely well done and was very impactful in the decision and direction of what my business could be and where it would fit in the Airdrie community.”

“This program is a great way to understand how to tackle the enormous task of building a business. We quickly were thrown into the deep end, but it helps! Through Discover, we found a way forward (in a faster and less costly way than doing it alone)!”

“This course did for us exactly what the name involved, it helped us discover a path forward for our business idea. It was the perfect first step in our entrepreneurial journey.”

– 2022 Discover Participants