Who is eligible?

  • Entrepreneurs across all industries who are in a high growth phase of their business, demonstrating notable or consistent revenue (or employee) increases year over year for at least 2-3 years. The guideline is 20 per cent growth year over year
  • Businesses with growth goals that contribute to Airdrie (promoting a strengthened economy and a thriving community)
  • Entrepreneurs committed to their business with at least one co-founder working on it full-time
  • Coachable participants who are serious about learning, making progress and building a business
  • Businesses who hold an active City of Airdrie business license and are located within Airdrie’s city limits
  • Representatives from multi-level marketing companies are not eligible for the program. Independently owned and operated franchises are eligible to participate. City of Airdrie employees are not eligible. Family members of City of Airdrie employees may be eligible for the program.

The process

AdvanceSMART is based on a proven model developed by MIT in Boston, which has over 100 sister programs around the world (including several in Alberta!).

Step 1: Apply – applications to the program are now open

  • The participant commitment fee for the mentorship program is $499

Step 2: Mentor team formed based on your distinct needs and goals

Step 3: Monthly mentor sessions begin

Step 4: Option to renew/recommit on a quarterly basis

  • The participant quarterly fee for the mentorship program is $150
  • Mentor team members may change as your needs and goals change
  • The program length is flexible to meet your needs; you may remain in the program for up to 15 months with a possibility of extension


  • Access to a diverse pool of experience, opinions and contacts
  • Your mentor team can evolve as you do – entrepreneurs with growth and scaling experience, C-suite executives or functional experts can be brought in to meet your changing needs
  • Increased likelihood that your business will build a strong relationship with at least one mentor
  • A trusted environment with a focus on conflict-free and confidential coaching and advice
  • Near-term action items and advice as you build and execute growth strategies and tackle business challenges
  • Build your network within Airdrie, and beyond


The AdvanceSMART mentorship program utilizes proven methodologies and approaches that result in building more successful businesses and effective leaders. Successful participants are serious about learning, making progress and building their business. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Ongoing monthly mentor sessions of 90 minutes in length with homework expectations in-between, including setting meeting agendas, sharing meeting notes and making progress on action items
  • Virtual or in-person sessions – you and your mentor team are in charge of how you connect
  • Mentor team members may change as business needs and goals change
  • Option to renew/recommit on a quarterly basis for entrepreneurs who continue to demonstrate they are serious about learning and are making progress (participant quarterly fee is $150); you may remain in the program for up to 15 months with a possibility of extension

Application & selection process

To join AdvanceSMART, you must first apply and be accepted into the program. Applications to the program are now open.

  1. Ensure you are eligible to participate and can meet the program commitments.
  2. Complete the online application form and include the requested supporting materials.
  3. You will be notified that we received and are processing your application.
  4. Your application will be reviewed by a selection committee. Applications are evaluated on criteria, not first come, first serve.
  5. You will be required to participate in an interview.
  6. If selected, you may be required to prepare a five minute pitch on your business (resources/guidance will be provided) to support mentor matching.
  7. Due to our program capacity, not all selected businesses will gain immediate entrance to the program as there may be a wait list.

Want to chat with us before applying?